"The Grede Company is ideal for the small- or medium-size business that wants to use social media, but lacks the time, know-how, or strategy."
-T.J. Dybro, Dir.   
Council of Small Business Executives

“The Grede Company, in just a few days, analyzed my business; cut through the marketing and advertising chaff recommended by every trade organization, media salesperson, and ‘marketing specialist’ that descends relentlessly on a small business; and recommended concise organizational changes and a marketing plan that, in two years, increased our sales by 58%; elevating us to the 83rd largest quick printer in the United States from a field of over 65,000 companies.”
- Dale Wilson, Pres.
Wilson Printing

"If you are looking for an experienced marketing strategist who understands the connection between the principles of marketing and social media, look no further."  
- Wayne Breitbarth, Author
"The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success"